About Us

The word “Mina” can be translated into “beauty” or “amazing” in many different languages. In 2014, Mina Lounge decided to make its home in San Diego. Our goal is to introduce and combine the two worlds of hookah and lounging. Encompassing all of nightlife, there is definitely something for everyone here. Our whole team is determined to provide the best possible customer service.


Mina came into existence for one purpose, to bring the ultimate lounging experience to San Diego. We decided to offer something to Downtown that San Diego hasn’t seen, with an exclusive wine and craft beer selection. The interior is designed as a luxury upscale modernized lounge. Whether you are on a romantic date or an adventurous night out in the Gaslamp, we will always strive to give you a 5 star customer service experience.


With plenty of options, from craft beers and fine wines, to pizza and dessert, Mina has many options that can’t be found at multiple locations, let alone one!


Combining a Western, modernized style with that of lavish, Eastern hospitality, the level of comfort and pleasure is matched by none. All of our drinks are imported, our cigars and hookahs provide an exotic feel and an alluring aroma, and our desserts will satisfy even the sweetest of cravings. Don’t believe it? Come see for yourself.